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providers We have designed this web site to help keep our and their families informed and up to date. It is our goal to provide comprehensive medical care for infants, children and young adults with an emphasis on disease prevention.

We offer a wide range of services for the pediatric patient. In addition to well child and sick child visits, we splint simple fractures, we repair lacerations, and we place IV’s for both fluid management and IV antibiotics.

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This most recent COVID surge has been associated with higher fevers in some cases. We offer the following advice about fever.

1. Fever is a reflection of the immune system doing it's job.

2. Fevers of 103-104 are not uncommon in viral illnesses. In some cases, fever can be as high as 105 or 106.

3. Your body will not let a fever go high enough to cause any permanent damage.

4. You do not have to treat every fever. If your child is comfortable, drinking, and playing, it's acceptable to not give fever medications. If your child has a history of seizures with fevers, we do recommend treating regularly.

5. A lukewarm bath can help bring a fever down.

6. Treating a fever doesn't guarantee that the temperature will return to normal. However, you should verify that you are giving the correct dose based on your child's weight. Commonly parents undermedicate their children when it comes to fever.

7. If you are alternating an acetaminophen product with an ibuprofen product, wait 3-4 hrs between doses.

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