Guidance for COVID-19

Masking, Exposure, Quarantine, and Testing – Updated 8/3/21

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During this COVID-19 crisis, we are offering Telemedicine/Virtual Visits for certain types of concerns. Here is a list of chief complaints and concerns that could possibly be addressed virtually:

Behavioral concerns
Depression/anxiety follow-ups and refills
ADHD follow-ups and refills
Sleep problems
Controlled asthma follow-ups for refills
Cough and cold symptoms that are mild
Sinus issues lasting > 1 week
Vomiting < 24 hrs
Non-bloody diarrhea without significant fever < 5 days
Acid reflux
Rashes, skin infections, eczema, insect bites, etc.
Minor injuries
Head lice
Menstrual problems
Eye problems, possible pinkeye
Swimmer's ear

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Coronavirus Precautions

Changes to our Office Procedures Due to Coronavirus:

Separate office suites for well and sick visits

Designated nurses for well only or sick only

An increase in cleaning measures - this includes lobbies, rooms, restrooms, etc.

Asking families to call from their car, go through check-in over the phone, and asking them to wait in their car until a room is ready

Wiping down stethoscopes and otoscopes between patients

We are able to accommodate telehealth visits in some cases. Call if you have questions!

We are currently not going to the nurseries at Erlanger and Erlanger East due to our exposure risk. The physicians seeing our patients in the nursery are not seeing any sick patients. This is only temporary but is currently necessary.



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Holiday Hours

Holiday hours posted in our News section!

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Flu Vaccines Available

We have flu vaccines available! Walk in hours for flu vaccines are Monday through Friday 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 4 pm. We recommend the flu vaccine for most adults and children ages 6 months and up. We will not have the Flu Mist this year because it was not as effective as the injection in the past.

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Monday Through Friday Walk-in Hours and Saturday Hours

A few reminders about our walk-in hours. Monday through Friday we have walk-in hours between 8:30 and 9:00 AM. As we approach the season of more illness, please remember that our walk-in hours are meant for those acutely ill. It is generally not the best time to discuss mental health concerns or to address routine subjects, such as ADHD medications and topics typically addressed in well visits. We have appointments at the end of the day dedicated to discussing mental health concerns. We do not want to be rushed when addressing your child's psychological well-being.

Also SATURDAY hours are by appointment only. Because we do take care of our patients in the hospital and there is only one provider seeing those patients and the patients in the office, we ask that you call ahead for an appointment. There is someone answering phones starting at 8:30 AM if you need to call the office for a Saturday appointment.

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Same Day Physicals

Spring is a great time for physicals. Call now to schedule! We can accommodate same day physicals.

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Change in HPV Recommendations

Great news! If your child starts their HPV vaccine series prior to their 15th birthday, they only have to have a 2-dose series. If your teenager starts the HPV vaccines after their 15th birthday, they will need 3 doses for protection.

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Vaping Not Proven to Be Safe

There are no long-term studies to tell us that vaping is safe. Depending on the delivery mechanism, unknown amounts of heavy metals like lead, chromium, manganese, and nickel could be introduced into the body. Toxic amounts are possible. Other chemicals can be released, like acrolein, acrylamide, acrylonitrile, crotonaldehyde and propylene oxide, which are known to cause cancer. Batteries can explode. There are reports of "smoker's" cough and open sores that won't heal.


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Eclipse Day is Here!
We will be open Monday, August 21st, the day of the eclipse. We do recommend calling early in the day if you have a concern to avoid any eclipse related issues like traffic and safety.
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Guidance for COVID-19

Masking, Exposure, Quarantine, and Testing – Updated 8/3/21

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